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Thursday, March 5, 2009

We had a ton of snow in January. The Northeast doesn't mess around when it comes to Winter!
Here are a few pictures of how we spent the past couple months.

Miss Lucy has started to eat rice cereal. She actually has great coordination (wonder where she gets it???) and wants to feed herself.

We had to bundle up to take Moses on walks!

Lucy likes to sit in the laundry basket!

She's finally discovered her toes- yummy!

She LOVES her "Johnny Jumper"- She's a volleyball player in training!

Momma's already got her helping with the dishwasher!

Uncle Mark & Aunt Allison came to visit us.

One day I decided to take some pictures.  We were in her room and I got some pretty good pictures.

Cute little bum-bum!

Until... she decided "enough was enough" and if you look closely (by her right foot) you can see her gift back to momma!


Anonymous said...

That's our sweet little baby girl!! Love all of her even the little " "surprises."

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Forgot to sign my name,

Anonymous said...

those were great pictures kaylea! so candid and precious! your such a great mom! - love you- ash

The Osbourn's said...

Hey guys, I miss reading your blog. I hope everything is ok. I bet you are just supper busy. I would love to see more pics of little Lucy.