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Friday, November 7, 2008


For some reason, sweet little miss Lucy has decided that night time is her time.
No more of this sleeping thing when the sun goes down. Nope, that's the time to party as far as she's concerned.
Oh well, it's better than being on call I guess.


The Miller Family said...

She is just stinkin' cute!!!

Kristy P. said...

Don't tell me you really thought she'd sleep at night!

Jamieson Family said...

That's great! The first night that she sleeps through the night you will feel so rested and you will run into the room to make sure she is still breathing. Then, God made it so somehow we forget about those crazy nights and we have more kids and do it all over again!!:)

Anonymous said...

My sweet little grandbaby. I sure miss that doll. Can't wait to see her at Christmas. The video's really do help. Thanks.

The Osbourn's said...

I have to say I thought this video was great! Lucy is so sweet and so wide awake!! It was almost like she was looking into the camera telling us how great it is to have her mommy and daddy up parting with her, having so much fun. Hope she is sleeping better for your sake. Can't wait to read the next post.
ps...I started a blog of my own a while back, feel free to visit. Chelsea