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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, things just went from simple to outrageous and we'd like to introduce the newest member to the Worrell household:


7lb/9oz, 20in long
(for all of you haters out there, it was in fact a girl and now I'm officially outnumbered....)

I'll give some more details in the morning, or later this morning, but thought I'd share the following pics 'cause I know that's what all of you are waiting for.
Before going, though, we did have to give up our little Lucy for the night because she was having a little more trouble breathing that they liked to see. She'll be in the NICU for at least the next 48 hours for monitoring and antibiotics so just pray that everything will run smoothly. It's a little discouraging and a bit of a scare to have this happen first thing if you know what I mean.

P.S. ignore the stupid bow they put on the hats in the hospital. Soon enough, Lucy will be sporting a full Nike gettup, much more representative of our approach to life...not a bow, what were they thinking....
P.S.S. the placenta is especially for Uncle Ben...congrats.


The Miller Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! we can't tell you in words how happy we are for you. love, love, LOVE her name! we'll keep praying for you guys... we love you 3! :o)

steph said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! She is precious! What a beautiful family! We love you all SO much! We're praying she gets out of that NICU and back in your arms in no time! Love, The Abbotts

Hills' Angels said...

Oh my gosh!! A girl! She is absolutely beauiful! You guys look like freakin naturals. Lucy is so lucky to have such an amazing set of parents! Our thoughts and prayers are with your wonderful family and wish every one a speedy recovery. CONGRATS guys

Kristy Parson said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations. (I think the bow is cute)

lori said...

micah, you definitely crack me up. i love the placenta shot since in fact i never did get to see my two. thanks!! now i know what it looks like!