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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, Kay just got the all too popular epidural and is all of the sudden feeling like a million bucks. That being the case, I thought I'd use this time to share a little education on what is going on here. Be honest, women, there is a good chance that even you don't know what happens during labor and delivery. So, here's your chance but please, no questions, I've done my time "down there" as a student.....

Kay's stats:
Effacement: 80% (shooting for 100%)
Dilation: 2cm (no pushin' 'til 10)
station: 0 (-2=way the hell up in there, 0=head's a comin', +2=you can virtually
look the baby in the eye).

A few pics to help those of you visual learners (Kay limited my input here. Says it would be a little too graphic for some....probably right, myself included)

No baby in the last one, just trying to help the guys understand how far up in "there"
these docs stick "stuff". And you thought there was alot of room for the dipstick to your car's oil pan....It's gotta be a little uncomfortable.

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